Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Bare Bones In Full Frontal Nude Shocker

Leigh Fox Cover
Leigh Fox sketchbook pages // Intro section + Roll Call
Bill Bragg
Steph von Reiswitz
Frank Laws
Heretic Print Studio
Kate McMorrine
Harry Malt
Robert Rubbish
Walter Newton
Leigh Fox Poster
Amelia Johnstone
Stephen Fowler
Niall O'Brien
Simon Dara
Neal Fox
Hannah Bays
Chris Bianchi
Richard Milward // Gary Fairfull
Leigh Fox Interviewed by Amah rose McKnight Abrams
Leigh Fox Cover Poster

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

BB Show MAY 2009

For legal reasons these are the only two pictures we can show you of the show for the moment. It's still up, go check it out. 112-116 Old Street, go see Kirsty behind the desk, take her an ice cream and tell her hello. Pick up your copy of the BB free paper, look out for it in all shops and plastered all over tube trains and buses in the wee hours. Spread your Bones. Photos Dai Williams. Fanks.

Ladders Arm Work Wall Paper Paste

Seen here casually putting the finishing touches to the first BB show in the Dazed & Confused gallery last week before nipping off to the pub for a shower and to brush our teeth. Returning to the opening we discovered we didn't have enough free beer, luckily D&C is sandwiched inbetween an offie and a kebab shop so no one went without and we all had fun, some of us too much. Pictures of the finished thing, coming soon. Thanks John Paul, Matt Dudd, Gary for his bar, the philosophical taxi driver/potential murderer and everyone else who helped.