Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Bare Bones In Dazed&Confused

Here sits our first piece of photo press. appearing in that organ of all current and correct, Dazed & Confused. A memento to their last gallery show and a record of further explorations into the fields of self promotion and cider consumption. Gloriously parading our first hurdle triumph and subsequent celebration. Skirt over the nimbys at the top and focus down to where it was at and shall continue to be. Bare Bones.

Friday, 10 July 2009

BB at the V&A

This is what happened when we went to the V&A last week, we were awarded our very own hand made warning label. Quite sweet really. According to our V&A woman, who having previously read the entire thing and not seen anything objectionable, it was one complaint that caused the removal of all of the free copies from the main entrance. Although it is hard to understand what was so explicit, the moral guardians actions to appease the sensitive someone, prevented hundreds of people from having the chance to make their own decision. 
With thoughts of free speech and anti censorship in mind we took it upon ourselves to give them out anyway. Over sensitivity mangled with a stingey, prudish sense of morality are stinking glue binding the progression of art and culture and should not be pandered to, even by public institutions like the grand old V&A.  As it says over the main entrance, 
"The excellence of every art must consist in the complete accomplishment of its purpose." 
We do not aim to offend for the sake of offence, that would be too easy, 
To provide an alternative to the mulch of sub-Heat quality free press, that perhaps provokes thought rather than Daily Mail knee jerk indignation is our aim and to it we stick.

And the beer was £3.50 a bottle, now that is offensive.